Technology is consistently improving and creating opportunities for more efficient business processes. The new Amazon Business and QuickBooks integration provide busy business owners with services that will help save them time and seamlessly manage their company purchases.

Small business owners who make purchases with Amazon Business will now be able to:

  • Automate purchase reconciliation and categorization
  • Automatically import purchases into QuickBooks. Data is updated multiple times per day.
  • Automatically import purchase details, descriptions, costs, and fee breakdowns for each transaction
  • Identify items bought through Amazon Business, categorize items separately and match them with bank transactions in QuickBooks

What are the Benefits?

Convenience. The automatic import feature will help to reduce the time you spend tediously entering data and eliminate the inconvenience of going back and forth between QuickBooks and Amazon Business accounts, giving you more time to work on what is most important– your business.

Better Insight. Understanding data is important for the growth of your company.  It will allow you to create a big picture view of your purchases and identify key information – like where your expenses are coming, areas in which spending is high, or where you need to budget in the future.

The Amazon Business and QuickBooks integration provide an efficient way for businesses to manage their expenses and make them grow. Interested in learning more about Bakersmith Bookkeeping QuickBooks services? Visit this page for more information on QuickBooks bookkeeping, set-up, and training for small businesses.