If there is one thing we have learned from this year, it is that we should expect the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic shook business owners and consumers alike when it forced businesses to temporarily close their doors until the unforeseeable future. Now, as we see some of our favorite shops begin to open again, business owners can start to think about how they can ensure that their reopening is successful.

Assess your Business’ Needs

Consider your operational needs. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will my staffing requirements be when I open?
  • What customer/employee questions or concerns will I need to address?
  • What is possible for my business? 

Most businesses will find themselves in a situation where they cannot pick up where they left off. By addressing these questions, you can start to think about the realistic changes you will need to make before you reopen.

Learn from Others

Businesses around you are probably going through the same challenges. Take a moment to connect with your neighboring shops and learn how they have adapted their businesses during this time of change. 

Engage Customers

This is a time to build relationships with new customers and strengthen existing relationships with your regulars. Consider celebrating their return by creating loyalty incentives, like receiving points for purchases or refer-a-friend opportunities. These exciting new incentives can create a positive buzz around your business that will keep customers eager to visit.


Times of change can be difficult, but they also provide the opportunity to try new things and grow. As an organization that regularly works with business owners, we try our best to identify and provide resources to help support our clients and community. Visit our website to view our business resource page