Law Firm Bookkeeping and Accounting in Denver

At Bakersmith Bookkeeping Group, we understand the unique demands of law firms and believe that bookkeeping should be the least of your worries. Our team of bookkeeping experts will take care of the numbers and keep you on track, so you can spend more time practicing law and less time worrying.

 Regardless of the size of the firm, we specialize in providing billing, invoicing and bookkeeping solutions that support the importance of tracking billable hours, client  confidentiality, any number of attorneys at a firm, and compliance issues associated with COLTAF accounts.

We have worked with firms that specialize in criminal law, business law, construction defects and other legal professions.

Our Team Provides:

  • Advanced costs and billing back to client

  • Alternative Fee Arrangements Calculation

  • Accounts payable and receivable

  • Expense tracking by client

  • Bank and credit card reconciliations

  • Use tax tracking and reporting

  • Timely financial reports

  • Electronic Billing/Invoicing

  • Invoicing

Bakersmith Bookkeeping Group works with PC Law, a product that performs all accounting functions: general ledger, financial reporting, check writing, and more.

For more information about our specialized bookkeeping services for law firms, please Contact Us.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

Besides being a joy to work with, Bakersmith is a take-charge company who presents creative bookkeeping ideas for business owners.  Jan and her Group have successfully developed several plans to keep my small companies and rental properties on track and organized.  Her services have resulted in increased awareness and attention to W2 employees, 1099 contractors, quarterly taxes and much more. I have enjoyed working with Jan and her staff and would highly recommend Bakersmith Bookkeeping.

Our bookkeeping was a mess before we decided to give Bakersmith a try. We have seen a big improvement with Jan and the crew. Bakersmith has given me valuable time back in my day. I don’t need to worry so much about paperwork and I can get some work done.

Jan Smith has been our accountant/bookkeeper since we opened our business on March 15, 2004. Our business has expanded rapidly and Jan has consistently applied sound accounting principles and has over the years educated my partner and I on the financial aspects of our business. Our CPA who prepares the firm’s tax return confirms that our books are well kept. Jan is always available to answer questions and to pitch in as needed to help us resolve financial issues, including pitching in to help get our invoices sent to clients. Jan gets along well with management and staff. I am confident Jan is an asset to any company for which she performs the accounting function.
Ronald E. Mcconaughy - ESQ
Bakersmith has helped us since our inception seven years ago. Their services have been invaluable to our success.
Feder Law Firm