The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted every aspects of normal life. From school structure to to human interaction to business operations. One area that feels this disruption deeply is the small business sector. Across the country, small businesses are struggling to keep doors open. They are innovating and rapidly changing their business model in order to continue servicing clients and generate revenue.  According to the US Small Business Administration’s Office Advocacy, small businesses generate 44% of U.S. economic activity. To support this important sector of the economy, here are suggestions for ways to help: 

  1. Gift cards and take out are a great help. The food and beverage industry is greatly impacted. In some areas, only outdoor dining and/or take out options are available. This greatly diminishes the money generated in an already low margin industry. Consider purchasing gift cards or ordering from your favorite neighborhood eatery.  
  2. Shop Local. Many local retailers have pivoted to either build a more robust online store or offer products online for the first time.  When you are buying the next round of home goods, staples, groceries, and more, consider purchasing some of those products from local retailers.   
  3. Sing their praises! Leaving a testimonial on a social page, Yelp, Google listing, or other platform is a great way to support business owners. These testimonials not only reiterate a positive experience with a business but they also help with search engine optimization and can drive traffic to a business’ website.  
  4. Get social with them. Everyone feels the ramifications of COVID-19. Some may not be able to dedicate resources or personal funds to buying food or shop local. There are still ways to help! By simply sharing something about your favorite, local businesses or sharing a post from a local business to your social platforms, you can spread the word and generate awareness and engagement. Tell a story about why you support them and encourage others to do the same.  Nothing is more appreciated than word of mouth testimonials.  

If you are a small business in need of information and resources available, visit our blog for key topics on small business accounting and COVID-19 related information.